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Screen time: enemy or ally?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" This proverbial phrase, encourages optimism and a positive attitude in the face of adversity. All crisis comes with opportunity and we just have to surrender, and breathe through to find our way to surf the wave with confidence.

COVID19 has turned our realities upside down and families with kids are facing great challenge when it comes to children exposure to electronics and the perspective of a school year starting in an online model. Parents and teachers are looking for solutions to provide good balance between academic requirements and emotional balance, but we are all learning through the process.

As a language teacher, I know that one of the best strategies to support the learning process, is to create an environment where the student is exposed to the language regularly. This school year, I foresee that the biggest challenge that I'll face with my classes, is the fact that we will lack the time and the fun of live interactions that we get in school. In this context, I recommend parents to engage their kids in the choice of cartoons that will expose them to French, enriching their understanding and vocabulary. The choice can be made according to the student age and level.

Here are some great sources for hours of French cartoons on free streaming via YouTube for your kids! I suggest you to subscribe to the official channels in order to get them from the source and get notification for new episodes. This will allow your child to get exposed to the language and most of the times also to the culture.

Yakari oficial YouTube channel

Cedric oficial YouTube channel

Babar oficial YouTube channel

Grizzy & the Lemmings oficial YouTube channel; for the fun, not the French! ;-P

Pour les plus petits... Ava Riko Teo, Leo & Popi and P'tit garçon, P'tite fille et P'tit héros oficial YouTube channels.

For growing kids and a more advanced level of French understanding and complex academic concepts, here is one of our best picks: Science et Vie TV

This outstanding YouTube channel provide hours of learning in science related topics. Their varied playlists are also a great source for teachers searching for audiovisual elements to enrich their class content for higher engagement in times of distance learning.

This is a short selection and the idea here is to inspire parents and educators to understand the value of getting exposed to the language beyond the classroom, turning screen time into an ally. The choice is nearly endless so you can also search for other cartoons that may inspire your child to stay curious and learning, while playing.


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