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Inspired by Nature

In our recent after-school 1st grade classes, we've been exploring drawing with ink in combination with elements from Nature (such as dried leaves, seeds, sticks, etc.).

The idea through these unconventional creations is to offer our students an opportunity to let imagination flow, reassigning meaning to natural elements that otherwise would be considered waste.

This work is an invitation to perceive things through a different perspective, explore textures, compose with imperfections of the elements, and play freely with their ideas.


La Cour Des Arts is a relaxing environment where Miss Muriel combines language, fun, and creativity for children. With over 20 years of experience in art and education, her studio located in the heart of Coconut Grove is known as a place that encourages children to be themselves and let creativity flow. #frenchforkids #mindfulkidsmiami #coconutgrovemiami

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