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En Classe avec Miss Muriel...

French after-school learning pods

for kids in grades K-5 


Real live classes in-studio to mitigate the psychological and social consequences of confinement through bringing children together in a guided environment for academic content and emotional wellness.


Designed for young children in the French International Studies (IS) Program in Elementary Schools, these learning pods are an effort to cope with the disruption in the French language learning resulted from the Covid-19 pandemics.


These classes were inspired by the demand of some parents concerned with the lack of movement and emotional wellness of their children during the past few months, and while we learn how to navigate our new reality.


As the school year resumes through an online format in Miami-Dade, Miss Muriel is offering weekly in-studio lessons as an opportunity for those wishing for some class interaction. Grade level dedicated in learning pods of up to 6 students aiming for focused academic studies combined with mindfulness (yoga, breathing techniques, and art).


Strict protocols are in place to minimize and prevent the risk of exposure to Covid-19: required use of face masks during classes, respect of social distancing recommendations, temperature check at the arrival, enhanced cleaning procedures, etc. By signing up to these classes, parents assume all risks involved in participating to collective activities, are required to adhere to our class requirements, and sign our release forms. (Download the form)

• Weekly 1-hour cycles for kids in Kindergarten to 5th grade;
• Academic content in alignment with the French IS requirements;
• Curated content to keep your child learning and playing beyond class;
• Enhanced with art and mindfulness for a relaxed and fun approach to learning;
• Designed and lead by a teacher with over 20 years of experience.

What is the IS (International Studies) Program?

The French International Studies program is unique in offering a program in French and American bilingual education in selected Miami-Dade County public schools. The French IS program consists of the French National Education curriculum in core subjects in addition to the American curriculum as defined by the Florida Department of Education. Read more at


Enroll to our classes

Visit our registration tab to enroll your child to the class of your choice. Keep in mind that our groups are very small and some may be already fully booked. If you can't enroll to a class, please contact us for a waiting list.

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