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Dans la Cour

Self-expression and creativity through art, language and mindfulness for kids

Dans la Cour...

Learning Art & French

through a playful and mindful approach

Join a creative and relaxing environment where the artist and educator Miss Muriel combines language, fun, and creativity for children. A space for kids to gain confidence, find their expression, release all tensions, and let the creativity flow.

Private one-on-one or small group sessions available live online or at the studio located in the heart of Coconut Grove | Miami, Florida.

Art and Yoga combined for small groups of kids.

Registration required.

Private and semi-private Art lessons for children

By appointment only.

Private and semi-private French lessons for children

By appointment only.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our studio is temporarily closed. We will continue to post updates about our open status and community health and safety plans.

You can connect with Miss Muriel to register for online live classes through Zoom.

En Classe avec Miss Muriel...

Kindergarten to 5th grade 

academic French Program live online

To respond to the demand of these challenging times and better support parents and children through the learning disruption caused by this year's COVID-19 pandemic, Miss Muriel has created small virtual classrooms for kids.

Designed for children in the International French Programs at Elementary Schools, these classes will support learning, prepare kids for the next school year, get them ready or training for DELF / DALF certification if desired, and keep them engaged in educational activities.

Virtual but real live classes to mitigate the psychological and social consequences of confinement through bringing children together in a guided environment for learning through playing and remaining curious.

This online program runs while physical distancing is recommended to reduce the pace of coronavirus spreading.


About Muriel

Miss Muriel is a passionate teacher and artist with over 20 years of experience in working with kids. Her individualized approach allows each of her students to fully express their personality through a work that fosters self-awareness, self-expression, and a highly developed emotional literacy at a young age to form mindful citizens for a world in change. 

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