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About Miss Muriel


Born and raised in Paris, France, Muriel Molinier studied Fine Arts at the École des Beaux-Arts. She worked at several famous museums in Paris: La Galerie des Enfants at Beaubourg, le Musée National d’Art Moderne (MAM), and La Halle Saint-Pierre in Montmartre. She went on to complete her master's degree in Médiation Culturelle at the University of Paris VIII/ Ecole du Louvre and advanced her career as a coordinator for cultural projects between schools and museums. 


During her time working with museums and children, Miss Muriel discovered her passion for teaching. She obtained her teaching certificate in elementary education from the Ministry of Education in France, specializing in teaching special needs children. In 2008, she relocated with her family to Miami, Florida, where she was instrumental in establishing the French International Studies Program at Coconut Grove Elementary School. The program has since flourished, earning the “Label France Éducation,” a seal of quality for bilingual education in French and another language, from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2015, Miss Muriel received a knighthood in the Ordre des Palmes Académiques from the French Government, in recognition of her hard work and personal dedication to the program.


Miss Muriel has always been very active from a young age, enrolling in many sports. She practiced and competed in Judo from the age of 20, and yoga has been a daily part of her life for the last ten years. Yoga has provided Miss Muriel with an avenue to relieve stress and release her creativity. She wanted to share the practice with her students and received a certificate to teach yoga to children in 2018.


La Cour Des Arts is the realization of a dream for Miss Muriel – a relaxing environment where she combines language, fun, and creativity for children. With over 20 years of experience in art and education, she created a studio located in the heart of Coconut Grove, where she encourages the children to be themselves, release all tensions and let the creativity flow. 

Dans la cour avec Miss Muriel

A relaxing environment offering an after school program combining French lessons, Art lessons, and Yoga to encourage children to be themselves, release all tensions, and let the creativity flow.

En Classe avec Miss Muriel

An academic program that responds to the French government's educational requirements for French kids living out of France or wishing for a homeschooling approach. From Kindergarten to 5th grade.
Our Programs

Parent Testimonials

"Miss Muriel teaches with overflowing joy! Through art, literature, movement, song, and play, she connects with her students and teaches French. As non-French speaking parents, we marvel at how much our children have learned from Miss Muriel!"

– Eryn & John, parents of James and Rhys

"My daughter has been taking art lessons at La Cour des Arts for a few years. During this time, she has grown in confidence in the French language and has expressed herself through art in ways that words can't convey. Muriel is patient, always engaged, and dedicated to pulling out the full potential of my child's gift. She encourages my daughter to think out of the box and remain bold in her vision. Her teaching style is fun, yet provides the fundamentals in building her craft. It has been a wonderful and therapeutic experience for my little one!"

– Tika, mother of Nevaeh

"Josephine adores her French, Yoga & Art classes. Miss Muriel's classes are always entertaining, full of highly positive vibes. With her, children learn French and art without even noticing it. She is and will forever stay a mentor for our daughter, who loves and respect her. Miss Muriel is a magnificent tutor and a beautiful human being who has a unique way of connecting with children and teach them. We highly recommend her and her classes."

– Camille & Valérie, parents of Joséphine

"Miss Muriel is an amazing, fun, sweet, and loving teacher. Not only did my son improved his French tremendously in just three short weeks, but he was also very entertained with how Miss Muriel included art and yoga in the class. He didn't want the French Summer Class to end!"

– Maritza, mom of Noah and Oliver

"Miss Muriel is an amazing, energetic teacher. My daughter enjoyed art activities while learning about different artists and their techniques. She engaged in reproducing artworks by using a variety of media. A great storyteller, Miss Muriel helps her students develop reading comprehension through activities involving music and art. However, my daughter's favorite part was doing yoga in French. She learned various movements that helped with relaxation and focusing. Miss Muriel's Summer Class was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend it!"

– Ana, mom of Charlotte

"Miss Muriel is a gifted teacher who makes teaching also an art form. She excels in creativity, knowledge, and the ability to physically and intellectually integrate the kids in the learning process. Clara adores her and loves learning from her."

– Helena, mom of Clara

"We met Miss Muriel 4 years ago when our son stood by her studio window, drawn by the art pieces displayed on it. Since that very first moment when we walked in, she has been very friendly and welcoming, making our son at ease to explore his creativity and open his mind to art. Miss Muriel is an innate artist who enjoys sharing her art knowledge and skills with children. She uses actual artists that represent specific movements and techniques and lets the children interpret them, making them their own so that they can identify and develop the type of artist they could grow up to be. We highly recommend her to parents that would like their children to experience art and awaken the artist within."

– Carlos and Beatriz, parents of Sebastian

"Both of my children are not fans of online activities, but when I asked them if they wanted to do yoga in French with Miss Muriel, both gave an emphatic YES! My daughter was also able to take her French class online. Again she was not excited because it was online but during the first class she was fully engaged, running around the house getting items Miss Muriel asked for, excited about her art, and by the end of the first class, was eager to get her desk ready for the next day. She was excited and involved in class every day. Miss Muriel knows how to engage kids actively, adapt to their learning styles, and is an amazing teacher. A true blessing, we have been fortunate to have her work with our kids."

– Laura, mother of Benjamin and Mia

"Soon it will be a year that we know Miss Muriel. All we can say is she is an amazing human being. She has a significant influence on Suhaeyl, we left Luxembourg last year, and he could not even make a sentence in French, today he is speaking in French at home. One year, such a difference, we can't thank Miss Muriel enough for the encouragement and patience. She is attentive and always ready to help. She makes learning fun, and we have witnessed how Suhaeyl enjoyed her summer classes. He loves his teacher. We would highly recommend her for her incredible work."

– Shaad & Amreeze, parents of Suhaeyl

"“My daughter loved Miss Muriel’s virtual classes this summer! It was amazing to see how she adapted to an online format and kept the kids engaged. Miss Muriel was able to give plenty of French practice with worksheets, stories, and just talking; she did yoga with the children and gave them a chance to create beautiful artwork. My daughter loved how she taught the group about different artists and had an opportunity to try out their styles. Miss Muriel gave regular feedback and was very encouraging. I hope we can attend her classes in person next year!“

– Sujata, mother of Sania

“I love the concept of Art + Yoga + French! It is a very interactive class, and the kids learn while having fun! Miss Muriel is very knowledgeable and caring, and the kids always look forward to taking her class."

– Leticia Leite

"Every class has a theme, a story with some cultural and historical context, and a different artistic technique to be explored. The kids learn so much, and it’s all in a very hands-on, fun way!"

– Giovanni Beretta

I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do – no matter who they are. Isn't it enough just to express yourself?
— Georgia O’Keeffe
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